risking it all in the roman ruins

Rome is a different city at 4:30 in the morning. Instead of hands running sticky with gelato and roaming gangs of tourists shamelessly posing and loitering, hands run sticky from cheap beer- and god knows what else- while droves of drunk study abroads who came to Rome to find themselves stumble home. It was in this blissful haze that I likewise found myself, along with … Continue reading risking it all in the roman ruins

what the hell is this?

So, somehow you’ve had the good fortune to stumble across my blog, and now you’re thinking, ‘what the hell is this’? Don’t worry, I’ve shared this same sentiment many a time, as ‘this’ is an account of all of the utter ridiculousness that is my life. For legal purposes, I will say that this is all fiction… if this admission doesn’t deter you from suing … Continue reading what the hell is this?